Some would say that my life began on June 4th, 1993—the date of my birth. The truth is my life didn’t truly begin until four years later; the day that I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart. He gave me physical life, and the rebirth that He gave me in His blood was one of pain for Him, but none for me. I felt the absence of pain, the drowning of hopelessness, and the destruction of sin. No, I am not perfect—but He is, and He now dwells in me.

My heart was given to the Savior at a very young age, but I don’t believe I truly believed the extent of His gift of indwelling comfort until November 19th, 2004—the day my six year old sister, Anna, went to spend eternity in His loving arms. She was born with congenital heart defects, and after living the life of a champion for six amazing years, God decided it was time for her to go home. This was the third loss my family had experienced. The first two: my older brother, Samuel, died at thirteen days old of anencephaly, and my younger brother, Josiah, five days after birth due to a diaphragmatic hernia.

God has blessed my family with nine children, six of which are still living. On a daily basis, I am inspired and stunned by the beauty which Christ has shown in each of their lives. My parents, Lynnette and Kyle, are the truest example of love to be found in the flesh. They are the nurture and instruction that God has placed in my life, and are two of the hugest assets to my heart’s completion.

Since 1998, I have lived on the outskirts of a small town in Kansas where there is nothing to disturb the silent masterpiece of God’s creation. Through the years, I have discovered myself to be quite diverse in interests and inspirations. I love music, movies, strong black coffee, learning about health and nutrition, drawing, and a large variety of other things. Dreams have never seemed unreachable to me; I always strive to be the best that I can be, and I believe, with Jesus by my side that is possible.

As I am now in my teen years, I have been seriously considering the instruction that God has given me in the development which every girl must face when blooming into womanhood. Both the instruction found directly through His Word, and through the exemplary lives of women which I know both personally, and through stories. I pray that this blog will develop into a tool for the glory of God as we endeavor as a determined group of young women to achieve the imperishable beauty which our Father desires us all to acquire.


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